Since we launched in 2009, we’ve grown rapidly to become the UK’s leading website, fundraising and digital marketing platform for charities. We live in  a world where people spend much of their time in front of a computer, tablet or mobile screen, and that’s where we thrive.

But, like many other businesses,we’ve done a bad job to date of telling the world what Raising IT is all about. It’s that age-old problem: the cobbler’s children have no shoes.

Come and visit us, and you will discover a deeply caring team committed to helping every charity we work with - and to creating a step change in the third sector.

We’ve raised millions of pounds from the government, social investors and private funds because your fees come nowhere near the amount we invest in our clients.

We’ve invested, and will continue to invest, those millions into building the best technology, hiring impact managers, data scientists and a support team who respond to every request within minutes, into education bringing our community of clients together, and into security so when your database is under attack from cyber criminals, we have your back.

We continue to discover new ways of engaging with people who want to support you or who need you. It’s a journey, but we’re well on our way, and the more charities we work with, the closer we come to cracking it.

Tom Latchford

A little (too long) message from our founder and CEO, Tom Latchford

In 2009, I interviewed Anjool, my most successful friend from Oxford, for our website.

At 24 he was a self-made entrepreneur, stockbroker, beatboxer who, in his own words, was “living the dream”. A couple of weeks later, at a trendy rooftop restaurant in London, glass of champagne in hand, he climbed over the railing and jumped.

Shortly afterwards I decided to dedicate my life to the charity sector. I had also been frustrated by the difficulty of fundraising after my nan died of bowel cancer when I ran the London Marathon for Marie Curie Cancer Care - even with JustGiving. Having seen Facebook launch while I was at university, I thought surely there’s a better way to scale the income and impact of charities digitally?

People share so much online. The only Facebook Ad I had ever responded to was a charity: “Do you want to know more about Parkinson’s Disease?”. Of course I did. How did they know? Because I had been chatting in a private message to my sister about how our mum has inspired us throughout her 20-year journey with Parkinson’s. Thanks to this advert, my mum and I are now major donors to Cure Parkinson’s Trust (also one of our clients). People also show up by searching online - for love, in fear of an illness, for a solution to a world problem.

The old paradigm of charities was letterbox drops, interrupting family dinners with telephone calls and overloading the email inboxes of mostly irrelevant people. The new paradigm is to find people at the point of sharing or searching for something relevant to a cause and bring them to an emotionally engaging landing page on a relevant charity website.

Digital can help charities reach people at the exact moment they are most emotionally receptive to being helped or helping others. Digital is not a tool to give to the intern:it should be at the heart of your charity and the face of it.

So this is my short story, but we want to hear yours - to understand your charity inside out, and figure a flourishing future for your cause in a world where people spend too much time in front of a computer or mobile phone.