Digital matters.

We’re certain that almost all organisations – regardless of sector – will have been given this advice in some shape or form over the past few years – does that ring a bell for anyone? According to the latest edition of the Lloyds Business Digital Index, it is certainly ringing true for a lot of the not-for-profit sector which is progressively taking this advice on board.

The report shows that charities are increasingly using – and more importantly improving – their digital resources (like their websites!) to enhance their presence both on and offline, to boost their monetary transactions, and to find solutions to improve those cumbersome and outdated internal processes that busy staff just don’t have time for anymore.

One telling statistic demonstrating this trend is that 81% of charities now acknowledge the benefits that digital can have on these three aspects of their charities, a 4%-point increase on last year. The good news is that this trend is set to perpetuate itself as 10% more charities now invest money in technology compared with last year’s data.

Money talks and another piece of positive news for the sector is that, on the donation and payment front the report also demonstrates a marked increase in the use of digital channels to improve these. For example, 53% of charities now receive online donations which is an increase from 24% last year whilst 47% of the organisations surveyed now make online payments. Whilst this is still a lower percentage than in other sectors this represents a 30% increase on last year – the not-for-profit sector is undeniably catching-up.

Raising IT’s aim is to make the use of such channels simpler for the organisations we work with by including them in one place, on one platform.

If you have found these results interesting or thought provoking and to read the full results of Lloyds Business Digital Index here.