We've seen an average range of 30% to 60% for bounce rates (people who leave after hitting only one page) across the 150 or so charity websites we power. The traffic sources, topics and your website goals are all factors in judging whether your bounce rate is acceptable or could be improved.

But how exactly can you take a view on this. One way is to think about your website analytics through the lens of audiences. Here are some ideas for how you might do that:

  • Use your content as an indication of the audience; look at bounce rate by section rather than site wide and make assumptions about the audience consuming that particular content and how you might cross-sell or up-sell to that group.
  • Use the traffic source as an approximation of the audience; look at bounce rate segmented by traffic source and see where you can make assumptions about the audience based on this eg those from BBC Vs The Sun, Google Vs Bing are different demographics.
  • Segment those that don’t bounce from those that do; these are two high level segments that could shed some light on things when looked at within a content section.

Finally, of course, the best way to reduce bounce rate is to keep refining and testing. A website is never finished!