In a recent strategy session a debate the charity had been having for the last few months of thinking about their new website was revealed; should the donate button always be on?

In our experience a clear ‘always on’ donate button is a badge for any charity website. Like a steering wheel in a car, it’s an expected part of the furniture your visitor needs to see to know they’re in the right place and hopefully begin their journey of supporting you.

With every part of your website now a potential homepage, because any user could land anywhere on your site from a search, you need to ensure there’s something that clearly communicates what you are and a donate button is a good shortcut.

If you’re a heavily service orientated charity you should of course consider the weighting of the ‘call to asks’ across your site. Focusing on servicing the people you’re there to help is critical, without question, but like all things in life – awareness comes before action.