Mobile has been important for some time but 2015 was the first year smartphones overtook laptops in device ownership.

Ofcom graph: device ownership 2015

It is clear that mobiles are pervasive across age groups. While older age ranges might have fewer mobile phones amongst them, ownership is also faster growing since many other age groups in the UK have reached relative saturation.

Ofcom graph: 2015 smartphone ownership by age

It is easy to fall into the assumption that SMS is a reasonable mobile engagement approach. While there's still a gap (and hence opportunity) between mobile messaging usage and percentage of people donating to charities by text, an SMS only approach isn't enough as text messaging has actually been diminishing as other free messaging services (eg Whatsapp, Facebook messenger etc) have come into the market.

Ofcom graph: SMS donations to charities

Ofcom graph: SMS usage

If you're still wondering why your website being mobile responsive is important, this last study might help. We are truly addicted to our smartphones, a significant proportion of people check their phones just before bed and within 5 minutes of waking up.

Ofcom graph: Deloitte smartphone study