1. This release will include the fixes to the following bugs
      • DEVELOP-186 Allow non-numeric characters in Contact Third Party ID field
      • DEVELOP-59 Commas in form questions no longer skew CSV export
      • DEVELOP-220 Multiple delivery items can now have same price and name.
      • DEVELOP-73 Fixed issue with certain scripts in TinyMCE.
      • DEVELOP-132 Enable appeals to have multiple donation amounts of the same value
      • DEVELOP-153 Appeals can now have donation amounts that are not a full pound value (e.g. £3.50)
      • DEVELOP-77 ARIA attributes updated on donation form
      • DEVELOP-166 Appeal totals are now updated when a donation is moved to a different appeal.
      • DEVELOP-79 Event Codes can now contain special characters.
      • DEVELOP-83 Title is no longer a required field when creating a product review.
      • DEVELOP-252 Fixed issue when editing an appeal if 'Show total amount raised' is set to 'Users choice'
      • DEVELOP-85 Remove duplicates from dropdowns on reports page
      • DEVELOP-184 Removed past events from Fundraiser filter list
      • DEVELOP-185 Stop multiple form entries being created if the submit button is clicked multiple times.
      • DEVELOP-195 Improve handling of radio button fields from ticket attributes in the reports.
      • DEVELOP-190 Fix issue with permissions on blog posts
      • DEVELOP-176 Fixed issue with searching for locations on the event post form.

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.