During the day:

Your website is hosted on a number of Amazons Web servers in multiple locations. We have a technology in place called a load balancer(LB) which monitors the health and traffic of all the servers.  

When a new user requests access to your site, the LB checks for the quietest and healthiest server to send the user to for the best experience on your site. If the LB notices a server has a problem or is very busy, it will not send any more users to it, so if a server did experience an issue, the other would pick up the slack.

Over night:

Every night, we take a backup of your websites Database and store it on a storage server for safe keeping, this happens around 1am in the morning. These are mainly used for debugging your site without affecting your live data.  Restoring from backups is a very labour intensive and destructive process, therefore we do not restore databases except for in exceptional circumstances where the data can not be recreated any other way.

Our solution:

If the unthinkable happened and somehow all our servers were wiped, we also have hard copy backups stored in secure, third party, locations and a full audit log of all changes that are made to the platform.