1. Event Ticket labels - We've made some changes to the way that you can label the fields to collect additional info on tickets. Its now possible to use the same label for multiple types of tickets on an event

  2. This release will also include the fixes to the following bugs
    • BIS-964 - Fix Vimeo video playback behaviour
    • BIS-988 - Speed improvements for appeal/payment code
    • BIS-1062 - Fix ticket attribute ordering issue in reports
    • ## - Correct mapping of blogs to subsites
    • BIS-1272 - Added new configuration settings to affect size of shop listing images
    • BIS-1282 - Enable " in page share links
    • BIS-1306 - Upgraded security settings on media manager
    • BIS-1311 - Event ticket purchases through Paypal
    • BIS-1328 - Fix blog links
    • BIS-1337 - Improve display of regular donation comments
    • BIS-1340 - Change to compulsory fields on US donation pages
    • BIS-1354 - Fixed bug on subsite image configuration
    • BIS-1365 - Improve appearance of appeal donations list
    • BIS-1385 - Added Basket link to mobile menu where needed
    • BIS-1361 - Adjustments to date layout on in-memory module
    • BIS-1368 - Improvements to mobile audio player
    • BIS-1369 - Resolved issue with certain download files
    • BIS-1371 - Enable functionality in shop landing page snippet
    • BIS-1372 - Enable alt text on images in banners and listing pages
    • BIS-1374 - Change to instructions for how to connect Twitter to https site
    • BIS-1386 - Fix to tag cache
    • BIS-1388 - Upgrade Braintree API
    • BIS-1399 - Fx to rights and roles functionality
    • BIS-1402 - Fix to search error on fundraisers tab

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.