This month we're delivering a large upgrade package, which will make available a number of feature improvements. Given the number of new things you'll be able to do with the platform, we'd love to show you how to use some of them - If you'd like to see them in action and understand what they can do for you, we'll be demoing them on Mon 30th Jan at 11:30am, and again on Tues 31st Jan at 3pm. Register for a webinar here.

  1. Features we're adding to your platform:
    • Introducing a feature where you can assign a description and an image to each donation amount in any appeal to explain to your end users why they should donate to you
    • Making the number of posts and products that you can have on the site unlimited
    • Making the number of different types of tickets per event unlimited
    • Enabling you to have unlimited administrators on your Raising IT platform
    • A commenting and reviews module - to engage your supporters in the conversation, rather than simply as passive observers
    • Introducing the ability to control who can approve posts and comments and push them live on your site
    • The ability to Tag content for easy retrieval
    • We've fixed an issue with newsletter signup widgets, so that its now easier to access the detail of who has signed up

  2. Event Ticket labels - We've also made some changes to the way that you can label the fields to collect additional info on tickets. Its now possible to use the same label for multiple types of tickets on an event

    • This release will also include the fixes to the following bugs
      • BIS-988 - Speed improvements for appeal/payment code
      • BIS-964 - Fix Vimeo video playback behaviour
      • BIS-1062 - Fix ticket attribute ordering issue in reports
      • BIS-1402 - Fix to search error on fundraisers tab
      • BIS-1399 - Fix to rights and roles functionality
      • BIS-1388 - Upgrade Braintree API
      • BIS-1386 - Fix to tag cache
      • BIS-1385 - Added Basket link to mobile menu where needed
      • BIS-1374 - Change to instructions for how to connect Twitter to https site
      • BIS-1372 - Enable alt text on images in banners and listing pages
      • BIS-1371 - Enable functionality in shop landing page snippet
      • BIS-1369 - Resolved issue with certain download files
      • BIS-1368 - Improvements to mobile audio player
      • BIS-1365 - Improve appearance of appeal donations list

    If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.