1. This release will include the fixes to the following bugs
    • DEVELOP-50 - Fix to comment approvals
    • DEVELOP-81 - Improved layout of ticket booking interface
    • DEVELOP-57 - Enable donation editing on certain subsites
    • DEVELOP-66 - Update recent donations list to only show succesful payments
    • DEVELOP-124 - Fixed a silent 404 on appeal editing
    • DEVELOP-59 - Fixed issue with csv downloads from forms
    • DEVELOP-104 - Fixed caching issue in social influencers tool
    • DEVELOP-62 - Fixed display of manager/settings affecting some users
    • DEVELOP-63 - Fix to enable media files to play in certain contexts where previously failing
    • DEVELOP-58 - Changes in manager maintained when vallidation error fired
    • DEVELOP-61 - Correct the list of pages available for internal linking
    • DEVELOP-65 - Removed stray link in the manager
    • DEVELOP-224 - Adjusted caching on various sections in the manager
    • DEVELOP-60 - Align categories available on individual subsites
    • DEVELOP-64 - Changes to ensure donations have address attached in all cases
    • DEVELOP-126 - Fixed issue with bots crawling images
    • DEVELOP-225 - allow mixed case in category URLs
    • DEVELOP-169 - Added new category filter type - Combined Select
    • DEVELOP-220 - Fixed to delivery options
    • DEVELOP-68 & DEVELOP-181 - Fix to message given to fundraisers on fundraiser page creation
    • DEVELOP-202 - Include additional open graph meta-tags

As part of our recent work updating the system, we have reviewed the accessibility statement used on our client websites. We have made a minor change this page as we have now stopped explicitly supporting JAWS. This reflects the increasing disparity between the cost of the JAWS, and the quality of low cost alternatives which is being reflected in market usage of the systems.

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.