The November release included the following changes to the platform:

    1. Improvements in the Manager Interface
      • Improved post creation workflows across all modules, by making it clearer what is required or optional - this makes it faster for you to create content
      • Improved the list search UI - this makes it easier for you to find existing content
      • We removed a number of small features that were not being used by any clients, and that were complicating the system
      • Simplified process for creating delivery options in the shop
      • Improved the custom code editing formats (not FF)

    2. We've started testing an option to ask supporters to 'cover your processing costs' in the donation flow. We're looking to see if this significantly increases donation amounts, without reducing donation conversion.  If you'd like to be part of our trial, please contact the help team

    3. Changes in Settings (29th Nov Release) 
      • Setting added to allow accordion style menus to be expanded or contracted by default
      • When adding links to file downloads to any content via the WYSiWYG editor, clients now have the option to present users with any form-builder form to complete before the download begins. (Check the Knowledge Base for details)

    4. Fixes for some bugs that have been reported to us are also going to be released in this package:
      • BIS 604 - ‘Load more’ on fundraisers list for appeal
      • BIS 1259 - Issues with restricted blog post on sub-site
      • BIS 1266 - Occasional issue with connecting Twitter to social media monitor
      • BIS 1274 - Issue with accessing certain sample content
      • BIS 1249 - Ordering of event ticket attributes
      • BIS 1256 - Measures to enforce addresses entry
      • BIS 1290 - API batching
      • BIS 1285  - Subsite events appearance in export filter.

    • BIS 1283 - Validation improvements on email address entry
    • BIS 1241 - Category list organisation
    • BIS 1301 - Audio players work with HTML5 on mobile where Flash is not available
    • BIS 1322 - Custom appeal donation emails saving issue

Feature Reminder:  A number of clients have asked about how to reconcile Stripe payments in their bank account with the individual donations in the platform.  The 'Completed Payments' report enables exactly this.  The Knowledge Base has a short article to help How to reconcile your Stripe Bank deposits with your platform donations