1. We've started referring to releases as numbers (this one is called 3.1.05) which reflects the way we refer to them internally.  You'll notice we're increasing the frequency with which releases are implemented, so this will enable you to keep track more easily
      2. This release will include the fixes to the following bugs
          • DEVELOP-343 Fixed issue where Event by Tickets and Extras report was not working for any event except the first in the dropdown.
          • DEVELOP-342 Added extra spam prevention measures on the newsletter signup form.
          • DEVELOP-332 Fixed an issue with read more links not working on events category listing pages.
          • DEVELOP-272 Increased the timeout for media uploads to 3 minutes.
          • DEVELOP-248 Shop link in breadcrumb is correctly capitalised
          • DEVELOP-226 Make sure commas are not stripped from form submission values.
          • DEVELOP-222 Fix an issue with form previews
          • DEVELOP-204 Breadcrumb links can now be made non-clickable by adding a '#' in the navigation.
          • DEVELOP-161 All payments from a direct debit now appear in the Completed Payments report
          • DEVELOP-88 Event ticket fields will appear in the event ticket report in the same order as they appear in the back-end of the site.

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.