1. In this release, we are excited to be rolling out a new type of Category Listing filter - this will enable Category Listing pages to have an additional type of filter applied to them. We have introduced the ability to filter a category listing on the combination of different subcategories, and return only posts that have all those subcategories associated, ie using the 'AND' operator'. More details to follow in specific comms.
  2. This release also includes the fixes to the following bugs
    • DEVELOP-334 Make sure listing pages show the correct title in the browser tab
    • DEVELOP-323 Changed order of target and raised amounts on totalisers on fundraisers to make consistent with appeals.
    • DEVELOP-317 Fixed issue where payments for event ticket purchases that include an extra are duplicated in the Completed Payments report
    • DEVELOP-301 Public-submitted posts display banner if uploaded.
    • DEVELOP-295 Return user to expected page after logging in for the first time
    • DEVELOP-293 Adjust file extensions for Images saved from the platform
    • DEVELOP-289 Adjust order event tickets appear
    • DEVELOP-275 Enable apostrophes in email addresses
    • DEVELOP-274 Fix access rights on subsites
    • DEVELOP-336/316 Clarify descriptions for various role types
    • DEVELOP-265 Ticket attributes copied correctly on cloned events
    • DEVELOP-245 Changes to classes used when creating map to enable styling options
    • DEVELOP-243 Make sure blogs without banners can be styled effectively.
    • DEVELOP-241 When using category filters and viewing a result, clicking back will show you the filtered list.
    • DEVELOP-233 Added class to category filtered listing pages to indicate whether filters are selected to allow for more specific styling.
    • DEVELOP-201 Make sure that non-public posts can appear in homepage feeds for applicable members.

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.