This release fixes the following bugs

  • DEVELOP-450 Fixed styling for events monitor chart
  • DEVELOP-436 Fixed creating new delivery options
  • DEVELOP-429 Fixed the load more buttons on appeals and faq pages
  • DEVELOP-425 Fixed an issue on the events (all) report which caused the column headers to be misaligned if the event attributes contained commas.
  • DEVELOP-404 Fixed an error which occurred when trying to access an invalid page link
  • DEVELOP-161 Make sure pledged payments report does not contain any real payments. Fix to the GoCardless integration to allow subsequent payments of a direct debit to appear in the Completed Payments report and update appeal totalisers.
  • DEVELOP-112 Pressing the enter key on the reset password form now submits the form

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.