1. Change to Direct Debit recording

  • As part of this release, we're starting the process of changing the way that we record payments from direct debits within your platform. From here on in, anywhere in the platform that reports on payments will now include all the payments from direct debits as well as the initial pledge.
  • This includes all appeal totalisers, any reports where DDs are included, and the Appeal Monitor. You may notice, for example, a new series of payments at the same time on a particular day within your reports - this reflects when GoCardless actually transfers the money to your account. These payments will not, however, appear as new donations each month within the donation lists for any individual appeal.
  • We will also be working on updating the amounts retrospectively - you may notice some of your totalisers increase to reflect past payments that have been received from regular giving pledges

2. This release also fixes the following bugs

  • DEVELOP-482 Fixed an invisible error that was recorded when logging into the system (didn't affect functionality)
  • DEVELOP-479 Fixed a spelling mistake on the newsletter signup confirmation.
  • DEVELOP-474 Fixed load more buttons on Completed Projects tab on Appeals listing
  • DEVELOP-458 Clicking Load More on category filtered events-listing page only shows results from correct category.
  • DEVELOP-452 Duplicate items are no longer listed when clicking Load More on events listing page.DEVELOP-381 Users can now sign up for the newsletter even if they are already logged into the site.

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.