This release fixes the following bugs

  • DEVELOP-1035 Fix quick giving panel on sites with tabbed donations
  • DEVELOP-1022 Issues with image upload box text when creating fundraisers
  • DEVELOP-966 Event address displays too many commas when all fields aren't filled out
  • DEVELOP-938 Fix for certain youtube url's not displaying videos correctly
  • DEVELOP-896 Allow butterfly through the bad word filter
  • DEVELOP-886 Fix issue with image dimensions when creating fundraisers
  • DEVELOP-750 URL is wrong when creating fundraiser link in the navigation
  • DEVELOP-728 Pre-populate tweet when sharing blog post
  • DEVELOP-613 Fix breadcrumb indentation in manager
  • DEVELOP-89 Handle multiple button clicks when loading more appeals

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.