What if you could find out what people think is missing for your site?

Just connect your Google Analytics account to your internal site search and you’ll have a list of every keyword people search for on your site. You’ll know exactly what they think is missing and what they have trouble finding.

Set up Site Search

Site Search must be set up for each reporting view in which you want to see user search activity.

Sign in to your Analytics account.

Click Admin, and navigate to the view in which you want to set up Site Search.

Click View Settings.

Under Site Search Settings, set Site Search Tracking to ON.

In the Query Parameter field, enter the word or words that designate an internal query parameter, such as "term,search,query". Sometimes the word is just a letter, such as "s" or "q". Enter up to five parameters, separated by commas.
How to identify search query parameters: go to your website and type a search term into the site search. In the url, you will see a letter before the search term. For example: https://www.examplewebsite.org.uk/pages/search.aspx?q=hello – enter this letter (q in this case) into the query parameter field).

Select 'no' you do not want Analytics to strip the query parameter from your url.

Click Save Changes.

Click Apply.