There is a spike in your data, a sharp increase, a drop, flat-line, etc, and you have no idea why. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an clear explanation or clue as to why any of this happened?

Annotations offer a simple way to track notes in the Google Analytics reporting interface by date, so you can mark important events that may have had an impact on your data. It can help you explain reasons for jumps in the data to your entire team (if shared with everyone) that otherwise may be unclear.

Creating Annotations

  1. Go to any report and click the down arrow on the tab at the bottom.
  2. Click “Create New Annotation”.
  3. Enter the date of the event and a small note about what happened.
  4. Choose if you’d like the note to be private or public.

Tips for using annotations:

  • Be explicit.
  • Think about who else might be reading it in future.
  • Make a note of online and offline campaigns/ events.
  • Record any updates or issues that may affect your traffic
  • Record any external events that may affect your traffic.