When Breast Cancer Haven applied for Transform Foundation funding, they found themselves with a website which was behind the times. It was difficult to update, was not mobile-first and redirected supporters to a third party platform to make donations.

Key Goals Achieved

  • Increased annual donations through the website by over 10x to £50,000 in the first 12 months
  • Increased number of unique visitors by 48% and page views by 50%.

Deborah Slaughter, Marketing Manager at Breast Cancer Haven, said: “On our old site we had to send people to JustGivingif they wanted to donate or fundraise for us. If we wanted to make updates, we often had to ask the developers to do it.

"The new site has been a total step change. We can now change things ourselves easily and more effectively take donations online. We’ve already raised £50,000 in our first year."

The new website addressed these issues, making the site mobilefirst, providing fully integrated one-click donations and allowing them to responsively launch multiple online appeals. “We now have a website which puts The Haven’s vital support services and fundraising opportunities at centre stage. The site was designed to be clean, vibrant and inviting to both people seeking support and those looking to raise money.” said Deborah.

As a result, Breast Cancer Haven successfully raised over £50,000 through the website, having previously raised only a fraction of this and also increased both the number of unique visitors and page views by around 50%.