This checklist is designed to help you create a great donation experience on your website and ensure that your donation forms and your donation thank you page create a lasting impression on your supporters.

Feel free to follow this checklist whenever you create a new appeal or edit an existing one on your website.

When tailoring your donation forms have you...

1. Given some thought to the donation amounts you've added?

You should tailor the donation amounts to what your audience is likely to give. At this point you don't want to alienate your donors. A good tip is to use the average donation you receive through your website as a guide.

Remember not to overwhelm the donor with too many donation options either. The majority of not-for-profits add in a maximum of 3-4 donation amounts. If donating feels like too much hard work, even at this stage, people will give up. 

2. Ensured your donation descriptions will have an immediate impact on the donor?

Your donation descriptions should be clear and succinct. Your supporters need to understand quickly what impact the donation amount they choose could have.

You don't need a lot of copy to keep your donors interested at this point. In fact, less is more on your donation form.

3. Added donation descriptions and images which will engage your audience?

The point of your donation form should be to maintain the 'feel good factor' a donor will be experiencing after deciding to donate to your appeal in the first place.

Make sure you put together creative and tangible descriptions which will engage your audience. This part of the donation journey should not feel monotonous.

Please follow this guidance when editing your donation forms.

When editing the donation thank you page have you...

1. Checked that the content is vibrant, authentic and engaging?

The best donation journeys include a memorable donation thank you page. You should put as much thought into the tone of voice and structure of your donation thank you page as you do with any other pages on your site.

Think about adding images or even a video and let the donor know how much of an impact their donation will have.

2. Added a call to action into the content of the page?

There is rarely a more effective place for a call to action than on your donation thank you page. This is where you can start turning your website users from simple supporters into real advocates for your organisation.

Your call to action could link donors to stories about the impact your organisation has had or, even better, ask them to share the appeal they've just donated to on social media.

3. Remembered to thank the donor?

This may seem basic but you'd be surprised how many organisation forget to say "thank you" on their donation thank you page. Include a "thank you" into your content and try to make it stand out. Make your "thank you" large and bold.

This will make your donor feel good and will also confirm to them that their donation has been processed successfully. 

Please follow this guidance when editing your donation thank you page.