This checklist is designed to help you create appeal landing pages on your website and ensure that the copy and the layout you've used will maximise the chances of your appeal being successful.

Feel free to follow this checklist whenever you create a new appeal or edit an existing one on your website.

When creating your appeal copy have you...

1. Thought about the tone of voice you're using?

Your tone of voice should build a rapport with your audience and help them relate to the appeal. You should write your copy using the active voice, build trust with your supporters and make it clear that they can make a change through their donation.

2. Made sure your value proposition is clear?

Your copy needs to persuade your supporters that there is a clear tangible benefit to them making a donation. It needs to be obvious what the campaign is helping your organisation to achieve and how much of an impact each donation will have. 

3. Created a story your audience can relate to? 

Stories are very important as they draw visitors in and let people relate to your appeal and your cause on a personal level. If possible, include stories about real people and the impact donations will have.

4. Ensured your text is concise and website friendly?

Keep your paragraphs short (we’d recommend 1-3 sentences) and limit each one to one particular idea. This will not only keep your copy concise, but will also give a clear structure to your content, making it easy to follow. 

When creating your appeal layout have you...

1. Used headers to break up your copy?

Using headers is a great way to add structure to your copy and make it easier to read. Make sure you add headers in using the Formats menu to ensure these are tagged properly to help with your SEO.

2. Spent some time formatting and structuring your copy?

You need to make sure it is easy for your supporter to understand what is important on the page. Using formatting options such as bullet/numbered lists and making text bold can be a really effective way of conveying your message quickly.

3. Highlighted any quotes you've used in the copy?

Quotes are a very valuable way to bring out the story in your appeal and help people relate on a personal level. Formatting your quotes properly not only draws attention to them but adds another level of structure to your page.

4. Added images to your copy and added alternative text to them?

Adding images to your copy will really help you convey your message and create an impact with your audience. Remember to add alternative text to your images. This will help with your SEO and make the page more accessible.

For more guidance on choosing great imagery for your website please download our Image and Photography Guide.