Home-Start UK wanted to not just increase donations, but also turn the site into a service-delivery tool that increased the impact for their beneficiaries.   The new website was redesigned around the key goals of generating more enquiries from service users, increasing website traffic and driving up donations.

HomeStartUK WebsiteThese goals were successfully achieved in year one, with website visits increasing by 58%, annual newsletter sign-ups increasing by 248%  and number of donations increasing by 236%.

As a result, Home-Start UK managed to dramatically increase the amount of enquiries they were receiving for local Home-Starts about volunteering and family support.  An increase in offline impact was also indicated by the “find your local Home-Start” page rising to become the most visited page on the site.

Key Goals Achieved:

  • Increased website visitors by 58%.
  • Increased newsletter sign-ups per year by 248%.
  • Increased donations by 236%.

"As well as helping support our fundraising, the new site is also proving to be a service-user tool that is helping us put people in touch with their local Home-Starts when they need support, or when they want to volunteer their time."