Read our top tips and tricks on how to set up appeals to make sure you’re making the most of them.

Tip #1 - Always add an image or video

The human brain processes images 60,000 faster than text. That means the image will have the first impact on your potential donor, so it should appeal to them on an emotional level. Images are the best way to convey feelings that drive conversions, so choose your appeal images carefully and don’t launch an appeal without one.

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Tip #2 – Set custom donation amounts and prompts

The amounts you select for your donation pages set the tone for the donation process and help donors determine how much they will give. Take time to think through your giving levels as it can make a difference to the amounts people will donate on your site. We recommend looking at your past donations to find your average gift and reviewing some benchmark studies to help steer your choices.

Once you’ve decided on amounts, add donation prompts. By creating a clear link between what they are giving and the effect it will have, these are a very effective way to encourage the donor’s generosity. Make sure you are as transparent as possible!

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Tip #3 Add a donation widget

The Donation amounts option in the WYSIWYG editor allows you to easily add donate buttons from an appeal to any post on your site.

If you’re driving lots of traffic to a page on your site this is a neat way to integrate an appeal ask in a more subtle way, at a moment when they are most engaged. It also saves the visitor time as they don’t have to navigate off to a separate appeal post.

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Tip #4 Promote your appeal in the sidebar

If you’ve launched a new appeal, you want as many visitors to your website to see it as possible. As well as featuring the appeal in your carousel, we’d also recommend adding it to your sidebar so it’s always visible to potential donors.

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Tip #5 Add a donation at checkout

If someone is buying a ticket to your event or purchasing a product from your shop, you can prompt them to add a basket donation at checkout. Giving at the end of a checkout process – online or offline – has become embedded in people’s lives, so don’t miss the opportunity to ask people to support your cause.

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Tip #6 Switch on ‘cover my costs’

We’ve introduced a great feature that gives donors the option to pay for the processing costs of their donation. Our research showed that many donors are happy to pay the additional pence to cover the fees and like the added transparency from the charity they are supporting. And it’s great for your organisation because you’re saving on costs.

You can switch on Cover our costs in your platform. Setting up the 'Cover our costs' feature on donation forms

Tip #7 Join the appeals webinar

You can see most of the features mentioned in this article in action on our appeals webinar. Watch the webinar on demand on our support site.