We have now built hundreds of websites at this cost without going over budget.

Price: £15,000 + VAT (£18,000 in total)

Process: typically takes 100-120 days from start to finish, with the stages below.

Bulk discount: we have provided bulk discounts to national charities, umbrella organisations and grant making bodies. get in touch if you are looking for five sites or more.


You will be assigned a dedicated Delivery Manager, who will be your first point of contact throughout the process of getting your website built and live. They’ll schedule a Kickoff Call with you where you’ll talk through the process and any questions you have. At this point they’ll also book you in for a Digital Strategy Bootcamp.


The first step on the way to your new website will be a Digital Strategy Bootcamp, led by our specialist strategists. With three to four charities involved the sessions, we use the expertise of our strategists along with the power of peer challenge to develop a clear set of audiences and goals for your website. You’ll also create your sitemap and validate this through the lens of your audiences and current site stats.

Once you’ve completed the workshop, we’ll write up a detailed summary of the session. These strategy outputs can and should be used across all your channels allowing you to integrate your activities both online and a offline, and internally and externally.  

We’ll also provide you with our Content Management Toolkit, as well as our Content Planning Template to help you plan, curate, create and manage the content writing process up until your new site’s launch and for the long-term


After Strategy you’ll move into the Design phase. You’ll be assigned a Designer who will work on your website over a two week period. Combining the inputs from the Strategy Bootcamp with your brand guidelines and any other guidance you provide, they will design and build a beautiful, mobile responsive site that we know you’ll love.


Once your website is built we will need to get you trained! We run group webinars on a variety of topics on a weekly cycle, including the 90 minute intro; ‘How to manage your website on the Raising IT platform’. Your Delivery Manager will be in touch nearer the time to book you into to one of these. By the end of this webinar you will know how to:
• Create a page, event, appeal, listing page, and category
• Apply a category to a post and listing page 
• Manage your website menu 
• Access member details 
• Edit your homepage 
• Run reports 

After this webinar, you’re ready to begin building your website. You’ll also be given access to our online training resource where we’ve created a number of step by step guides to walk you through getting your team setup, configuring key settings and creating your content. You can work through at a pace that suits you, and you and your team can return to refresh yourself at any time.


Once you’re trained up, and you’ve got your website details, you’re ready to fill it with your content. We’ll be on hand throughout to support you and to provide any guidance that you need.

Your new site will come pre-populated with some helpful content templates to help get you started, and we also run regular Content Writing bootcamps if you need a little more guidance.


When you are ready to go live, we’ll run a detail quality assurance check to make sure everything’s ok, and we’ll fix anything that doesn’t look quite right. At that point we’re good to go, and your Delivery Manager, along with our Technical Support Team, will be on hand to switch over to your new site!