Our unique process is designed to get your new website built as fast as possible without compromising the end result.

We involve you where its needed, cutting out the painful stages of wireframing and endless rounds of feedback because we're not starting completely from scratch. You benefit from our years of experience and our charity specific platform. This means you could get your website live in around one to three months - three weeks being the record to beat!


You'll be introduced to your dedicated Delivery Manager through a Kickoff call. Your Delivery Manager will be your first point of contact throughout the process of getting your website built and live.

Stage 1: Website strategy

We'll ask you to gather a small group of key stakeholders to take part in a Website Strategy workshop.  You’ll be guided by our expert strategists through a set of exercises that help you to identify and map out your new website from an audience-centric point of view. This workshop is an excellent way to get your team onboard and excited by your website's potential.

Stage 2: Designing your website

You’ll have a dedicated designer to create your custom design. They’ll work with you to put together a website that you love and that fits in with your existing brand guidelines.

Stage 3: We get busy behind the scenes

We might go quiet for a bit while we make sure everything is checked and in place ready for you to start building up the content on your new website. We'll test your website against the most popular devices and browsers to make sure we catch and fix any issues.

Stage 4: Getting to know the platform

After the website has been designed and built, we’ll provide you with training and a knowledge base on how to use our platform so that you can start to populate your website with content. As you go, you’ll be able to ask us questions to make sense of it all and hit the ground running.

Going live!

Once you’re happy your new website is ready to meet the world, we'll take you through the final steps, including setting up accounts with StripeGoCardless and Braintree (with Paypal) so you can accept payments. When this is done we'll arrange a date to go live. After go live we'll then introduce you to our helpdesk and Impact team for ongoing support.