This maintenance release includes the following fixes to the 2.4 platform version to keep squashing those bugs:

  1. Resolved an issue which made it look like your profile picture was not being updated when you uploaded a new picture, because the thumbnail versions of the old picture were not being removed.
  2. When a location is searched for on a google map, the old location will be removed, so you're not left with multiple map markers if you change your search location.
  3. Resolved an issue which prevented the text of automatic reminders from being edited once they were created.
  4. Fixed some alternative text on search boxes across the platform which was not set correctly.
  5. Added min and max validators to card expiry fields.
  6. Trim names first and stop replacing spaces with hyphens.

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.

Note: If you are on the Fast Forward (FF) version of the platform some of these fixes may not be relevant please ask the help team if you have any questions.