This maintenance release includes the following fixes to the 2.4 platform version to keep squashing those bugs:

  1. BIS 1074 Order Report show individual price rather than price * quantity
  2. BIS 1075 Email meant for the user was going to the unverified user
  3. BIS 1081 Added event code  to Completed Payments Report
  4. BIS 1079 Completed payments report - single row for each order.
  5. BIS 1086 Removing LinkedIn references and fixes to social monitor
  6. BIS 1093 Comments not showing by default on fundraising pages.
  7. BIS 909 Resolved errors in the GTM code output on completion of a donation payment. Change the SKU to be the name of the appeal (if there is one), instead of always saying 'Donation'.
  8. BIS 1114 Issue preventing categories being removed from pages if they had an apostrophe in them.
  9. BIS 1108 Issue with removing/updating automatic reminders.
  10. BIS 1121 If there is only one payment method configured, make sure it is auto-selected in the payment method field for payments
  11. BIS 1112 Updated password validation on reset password screen to enforce a minimum length of 6 characters, and copied the password validation to the new user registration.
  12. BIS 1132 Validation for the newsletter sign up improved
  13. BIS 1149 Can now view form submissions in the manager in situations where a column has been removed from the form
  14. Error pages now serve with correct status code
  15. Update PayPal flow
  16. Speed improvements for page, news manager listings as well as some manager screens that show groups
  17. BIS 1097 Issue with 'insert file with form' function not working correctly due to a javascript error.

If you have questions about any of these please contact the help team.

Note: If you are on the Fast Forward (FF) version of the platform some of these fixes may not be relevant please ask the help team if you have any questions.