Technical Support often sends shivers down the spine of us all! Waiting frustratingly to be put through to a nameless robot, often in an off-shore location, giving canned responses and monotonous scripted replies with endless escalations to a superior who seem to have equally as little grasp on the issue as their robotic underlings.

This is why we do things genuinely differently at Raising IT Help. Our mission is to continue disrupting the long standing expectation and reputation of typical Technical Support.

Dedicated and personal members of your team

Rather than just being here when things might go wrong, think of Help as an extension of your own organisation. We’re part of your team too!

We understand that some charities can often need that extra technical helping hand so we’re here to continually ensure your organisation’s digital success.

A team that cares

We’ve built a dedicated team of not only technical specialists, but people who are truly passionate about digital success within charities and non-profit organisations.

The team are here to help you get the very best out of your website with us, not just leading up to your website’s go live, but along the entire journey thereafter. We get such a kick out of seeing our own efforts help create beautiful looking websites for organisations who are really making an impact in the world! This is the reason we love what we do.

Our team members come from all different technical and personal backgrounds who are active outside of Raising IT in various volunteering and community roles. We’re also a disability friendly workplace and employ, encourage and welcome candidates with disabilities.

Giving you the tools as well as knowledge

Working with our Impact Management team and in addition to your initial and ongoing training, we’ve built an awesome set of Help guides and videos covering not only the basics of our platform, but some of the more involved tasks.

Dedicated to your success

Your digital success is our mission and our team’s relentless focus on your success is delivered through a clearly defined Service Level Agreement, ensuring that you’re never left wondering how long you’re going to be waiting for some help or a resolution to any problems you may have.

But we’re not just here to tick boxes, we’re much more than that.

It’s why 98% of our clients say our service is outstanding.

Myself and the team look forward to working with you and your organisation soon!