The Anjool Maldé Trust is delighted to announce the Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018, sponsored by Raising IT.

£1000 cash prize to the 2018 winner

Deadline: Applications by 5.30pm on the 18th June 2018. Entries are now closed.

Eligibility: Aged between 18 and 29 and based in the UK; founder of a social enterprise, charity or project focusing on a social goal

What you need to do: Submit your entry via the button below to nominate yourself or someone you know (who we will verify!) with the following information

Judging criteria:

  1. Impact - are you addressing a real problem within our society? Is their clear social benefit to your solution?

  2. Traction - how much success have you had? Have you managed to scale your solution over time?

  3. Measurement - how are you judging whether your solution is successful to maximise your social impact? What results have you had that you can share?

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The Judge:

Marcelle Speller OBE, the successful co-founder of Holiday Rentals, Europe's leading website for advertising private holiday homes which later sold to HomeAway. Marcelle went on to set-up, the UK's leading platform for funding pioneering local charitable projects.

About the Anjool Maldé Trust:

The charity rewards and inspires young adults to ‘do good, do well’ in their life and career.

It commemorates the life of Anjool Maldé (1984-2009) - known as Jools to his friends and colleagues.

Jools was a bright young man who lost his life tragically, two days before his 25th birthday. Many admirers wished for a lasting legacy celebrating his qualities - a generous, helpful, enterprising and innovative young man.

The Anjool Maldé Trust was set up in 2010 to turn this vision into reality. By the start of 2017, over 70 of the UK's brightest and talented best graduate-age young adults had been rewarded for their exemplary achievements. You can see more on the Trust here.

About Raising IT

Raising IT is the UK's leading website and fundraising platform for charities in the UK, raising tens of millions of pounds for good causes.

Raising IT was founded by Tom Latchford in 2009. Anjool Maldé was a friend and mentor to Tom on his entrepreneurial journey.

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Conditions of entry